CBD Edibles

Mota CBD Sour Squares 300mg

Each bag contains 300mg CBD in the whole package. Each square contains 20mg CBD . A excellent, easy to dose option

Mota Clear Spheres 100mg CBD

100 MG CBD Bronze medal winner at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup This pineapple flavoured jelly is a convenient

sale *ON SALE* MOTA - CBD Spray

120 MG CBD Fast acting and effective, Mota’s minty infused alcohol spray is a great smoke free option.

30mg CBD Caps

30 MG CBD Mota got started as a resource for patients we knew as friends. All our capsule products reflect our

MOTA - 1:1 Tropical Jellies

1:1 Jellies 100 mg THC & 100 mg CBD per bag. 10mg THC & 10 mg CBD per piece Mixed bag orange, pineapple

MOTA: CBD Honey 80mg

80 MG CBD CBD Honey is an option for those who want to medicate without the psychoactive effects of THC. Infused

MOTA CBD Gummy Bears

MOTA CBD Gummy Bears are a delicious fruit-flavoured snack that’ll take away all your problems while pleasing your

$15/CBD gummy bears

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