The Best Temperatures For Vaping Weed

weed vapes online torontoOne of the most popular products to shop for when looking to buy weed online in Toronto is weed vape pens. Vaping weed is a convenient medium to smoke your favorite strain. The best part is that the extraction process preserves the terpene profile allowing you to get the whole experience of the strain. 

When looking to buy marijuana concentrates online in Toronto, you’ll have the option to purchase full vape pens or vape pen cartridges. When shopping for rechargeable and refillable vape pens, we suggest looking for weed vaping pens that offer you temperature adjustment. This will allow you to control just how potent the effect of the cannabinoids will have on your system. 

Conduction Vs. Convection Vaporizers 

When looking to buy weed or vape pens online in Toronto, one of your most significant decisions will be whether you want a conduction vaporizer or a convection vaporizer. 

Conduction Vaporizer

Conduction marijuana vaporizers sold online in Toronto work by having the heating source have direct contact with the weed. At high temperatures, these types of vaporizers produce thick vapor clouds upon exhale. At lower temperatures, they produce much less vapor, particularly below 200ºC. 

Convection Vaporizer

Convection Vaporizers heat source does not have direct contact with the weed. Instead, these vaporizers work by heating the air in the chamber where your weed is placed, similar to convection ovens we see in our kitchens. Convection vaporizers are often preferred because they are known to release more potent flavors. 

Getting the Correct Vaping Temperature

As mentioned above, a key reason to shop for Vape Pens when buying weed online in Toronto is the control over the temperature. When you smoke weed from the typical receptacle, there is no stopping your bud from hitting temperatures as high as 2200ºC. At that temperature, you lose out on most of the flavor and subtle effects that a strain offers. 

For simplicity, we will group the temperatures into 3 main groups and highlight the benefits and different experiences offered by each temperature range.

Lightly Toasted ( 163-177ºC)

The psychoactive ingredient, known as THC found in cannabis flowers, reaches its boiling point at 157ºC. If you are looking to feel at least some of the psychoactive effects from the weed you bought online in Toronto, you shouldn’t set your temperature any lower than 163ºC. 

Great For: 

  • Wanting to taste the flavor of the bud
  • Less severe red eyes and cottonmouth
  • Wake and Baking
  • Beginners and lightweights 


  • Cooler vapor temperature
  • Strong terpene flavor 
  • Light psychoactive effects 

Half Baked (177-204ºC)

This is a great range if you are trying out a new marijuana strain that you recently bought online in Toronto. In the “Half Bakes” temperature range, you will still be able to experience a solid terpene profile. The difference between lightly toasted and this temperature range is you will have more access to the cannabinoids present in the strain. 

Great For: 

  • Seeking the perfect middle ground between effects and flavor
  • Wanting a stronger psychoactive experience
  • A Relaxing and euphoric high without the drowsiness
  • Transitioning Smokers


  • Warm vapor 
  • Richer taste of cannabinoids in vapor
  • Flavourful terpenes
  • Increased cannabinoid availability

Full Baked (204-221ºC)

For maximum extraction of cannabinoids, aka CBD, CBG, and THC, choose this range. This temperature range offers users the most potent psychoactive effects. The strong effects lead to feelings of lethargy and what is commonly referred to as being “couch-locked”. At these high temperatures, Terpenes will burn away fast. 

If you like to experience some terpenes, we suggest saving this temperature for the end of your session. 

Great For: 

  • Nighttime sessions 
  • Wanting maximum THC effects
  • The closest experience to smoking through traditional mediums


  • Hot vapor that might cause coughing
  • Higher cannabinoid extraction, fewer terpenes
  • Intense effects like “couch-lock.”

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