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Kandy Kush is a favorite of DNA Genetics’ Reserva Privada line that combines two California classics, OG Kush (thought to be the “Christopher Wallace” cut) and Trainwreck, to make a tasty indica-dominant hybrid (although sativa phenotypes displaying more of the Trainwreck structure have been noted). Like the name suggests, the flavor is sweet like candy with a strong lemon-Kush scent. Popular with medicinal growers, Kandy Kush provides a potent body high with pronounced pain relief.

Reserva Privada, part of DNA Genetics, set out to make a high-yielding, sweet-tasting strain when it crossed Trainwreck with OG Kush to create Kandy Kush.

The strain has about 18% THC and very low CBD in its trichome-covered, citrus-scented, sweet-tasting buds, according to the breeder.

Kandy Kush won third prize in Outdoor Strains at Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup in 2012.



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