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Sticky Icky OG Kush is sometimes known as Afgooey OG to other people in the cannabis community. It is an 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid and a cross between Sticky Icky, (also known as Afgooey) and OG Kush. Sticky Icky OG Kush, like the name, is sticky to the touch and is a medium green color with a few crystals. It comes in dense clusters and is probably one of the stickiest strains that can be found. Sticky Icky OG Kush buds have fluffy medium sized dark olive green nugs with patches of neon green and dark olive-green leaves. The effects of Sticky Icky OG Kush are extremely potent and it can send users into a deep sleep very quickly if they are not careful. THC levels are very high, in the range of 17-24%, so this is definitely not a strain for novice users. Sticky Icky OG Kush gives a good blend of both sedative mind and body effects. It is a high that is a little different than others and it is long lasting and seductive. It is premium grade marijuana and highly recommended to all cannabis lovers.



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